Fiscal Sponsorship

Bringing more environmental stories to the world though fiscal sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship is one of the greatest tools we offer to the environmental media community, allowing independent mediamakers to connect with donors and solicit tax-deductible donations through the power of our extended 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

As Fiscal Sponsors, The Redford Center plays a supporting role to creators by stewarding gifted funds and ensuring dollars are allocated toward their intended purpose — without ever requiring storytellers to give up any ownership rights or creative control of their work in the process.

We’ve supported over 50 projects with the film Bill Nye: Science Guy as our very first supported project. We have a deep dedication to our fiscally sponsored projects and regularly provide networking and promotional support in addition to the management and distribution of funds. We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Since the formation of our Fiscal Sponsorship program in 2015, we have distributed nearly $10 million to environmental stories and projects.

“The Redford Center was at the top of my list of potential fiscal sponsors. They have a fantastic reputation as supporters of environmental filmmaking, and this is a time when these kinds of stories need to be shared. Because they selectively curate which films they support, I’ve been able to have one-on-one guidance and receive feedback on both the creative process and the business side of things. They are refreshingly unique as a fiscal sponsor.”

Allison Otto

Director of ‘The Love Bugs’