About The Redford Center

We Can Solve This

The Redford Center is one of the only US-based nonprofits solely dedicated to environmental impact filmmaking. We develop and invest in narrative tools that strengthen and broaden the reach of the grassroots efforts powering the environmental movement.

Stories are proven and effective tools to communicate, educate, and mobilize for change. With millions of viewers across all 50 states and 45+ countries, our films and impact campaigns have halted the construction of harmful coal plants, restored the Colorado River Delta, reconnected people to nature, and helped accelerate the clean energy revolution. Films we’ve produced and supported have received distribution from industry leaders such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, PBS, National Geographic, and more.

“A lot of times we watch films, especially documentary films, and they make you feel horrible about the world. You leave the theater in tears, thinking ‘oh man, the world’s in such a bad place.’ But I try to do the opposite in my films. I try to show the power that we do have, the change that we can make and show the possibilities, show what we can about these situations, and inspire people to do something about it.”

Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi

Filmmaker, Redford Center Grantee