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An Antidote to Despair: How Independent Film is Driving Climate Action

Inspired by Robert Redford’s unwavering dedication to independent artists and environmental activism, The Redford Center welcomes you to watch our session rooted in action and vision for the future we aspire to build together.

Jill Tidman on the Electric Ladies and Conservation Connection Podcasts

Jill Tidman discusses how to talk about climate and promote environmental advocacy through film.

Eight Reasons Why Stories are a Part of the Solution

Storytelling is the unifying tool that ignites movements across the world and throughout history

‘Finding Hope’ with Jill Tidman

Watch Redford Center Executive Director, Jill Tidman, speak about the power and impact of environmental impact filmmaking as an environmental solution at the 2023 Earth Day World Hope Forum.

Audiences Want Climate Stories

A Redford Center Panel at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival

Teaching Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution

Engaging students in understanding renewable energy (Source: The Redford Center)

Redford Center Youth Stories Curriculum

A flexible curriculum and resources to engage students with environmental storytelling (Source: The Redford Center)

Action Toolkit: Community Power for Clean Transportation

Mobilizing communities with clean transportation facts, tips, and resources from our Community Power series (Source: The Redford Center)

Filmmaking Tools for Educators

Basic softwares and tools to help bring the power of storytelling and filmmaking into the classroom (Source: The Redford Center)

Good Energy Playbook

An open-source digital guide to portraying climate change on-screen (Source: Good Energy)

PSA: Vote for Your Mother Earth

Everyone can help redefine what it means to be an environmentalist and a voter when we come together and take action for the earth (Source: The Redford Center)

Documentary Grants Directory

A free documentary grants and fellowship directory (Source: International Documentary Association)

Meet the Moment: (Re)Imagining the Future

A showcase of films and projects on innovative environmental solutions (Source: The Redford Center)

Spotlight on Impact Storytelling

Mapping and recommendations for the narrative and cultural strategies ecosystem (Source: Liz Manne Strategy)

The Impact Field Guide and Toolkit: Why Shorts?

A tailored guide for making and moving shorts for impact (Source: Doc Society)

The Impact: Field Guide and Toolkit

An open source impact resource being used by over 55,000 filmmakers around the world (Source: Doc Society)

Green Production Guide

The premier industry online toolkit designed to reduce the film, television, and streaming industry’s carbon footprint and environmental impact (Source: PGA Green)