Meet the Moment: (Re)Imagining the Future

A showcase of films and projects on innovative environmental solutions (Source: The Redford Center)
As part of our youth engagement work, our Meet the Moment events bring together filmmakers, students, and educators to offer an intergenerational perspective on environmental solutions. In this program, filmmakers Jamie Lazar (Greenswell), Alizé Carrère (Adaptation: Floating Gardens of Bangladesh), Isabella O’Brien (We the Trees), and Mike Schmitt (Making of City Regreening Sequence) share clips of their work and discuss the value of film as a resource available to promote an environmental and media literacy.

One of the things that has struck me the most in looking at climate change and climate change adaptation at a community level is the ability to evolve with evolving landscapes. How do we not resist change?…This flexibility or willingness to move and live in balance with the natural environment.

Alizé Carrère