Jill Tidman on the Electric Ladies and Conservation Connection Podcasts

Jill Tidman discusses how to talk about climate and promote environmental advocacy through film.

Electric Ladies Podcast: How Do We Talk About The Climate? Featuring Jill Tidman

How do we talk about the climate? The public is experiencing the effects of a warming – boiling – planet more each day with massive wildfires, massive floods and extreme heat, as well as destructive hurricanes and the like. But how do we tell the story of how those events reflect the actions we need to take to avert worse?

This is the challenge of today for those of us seeking to save humanity’s ability to live on a warming planet. Listen to Jill Tidman, Executive Director of The Redford Center (founded by actor, producer, Robert Redford and his late son James Redford) on Electric Ladies Podcast in this inspiring conversation with host Joan Michelson.

Conservation Connection Episode 108:
Jill Tidman: The Redford Center | Environmental Advocacy Through Film

How can you use your passion to protect the planet? The Redford Center uses the art of storytelling and film to inform, engage, and mobilize people to take action for the betterment of the planet. In this episode we sit down with Jill Tidman, the executive director of The Redford Center, to discuss her personal journey to find her passion for environmental advocacy. We cover her diverse career path, including ventures into green architecture and business, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and adaptability in finding one’s true calling. Listen in to learn about the crucial role of art and culture in solving global environmental challenges.