Action Toolkit: Community Power for Clean Transportation

Mobilizing communities with clean transportation facts, tips, and resources from our Community Power series (Source: The Redford Center)
The Redford Center’s free Community Power: Clean Transportation Action Toolkit is designed to help audiences learn more about the urgent need to support clean transportation for a more just environmental future. It includes helpful facts, tips, and resources to help you make a difference in your community.

As part of The Redford Center’s ongoing civic engagement initiatives, Community Power films spotlight local voices and their stories of unity and collective action to build a healthier, safer, and more just future for all. Our latest series, in collaboration with League of Conservation Voters and Chispa, introduces stories about clean transportation initiatives from states across the country. Each film invites the public to take action on environmental justice issues while featuring local activists that shift perceptions of what it means to be an environmentalist and a voter.

Things happen because the community has power.

Teo Argueta, Community Organizer