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Redford Center Grants

Supporting environmental filmmakers and frontline stories that drive solutions for people and the planet

The World Needs Your Story

Since launching in 2016, The Redford Center has remained one of the few entities exclusively funding independent environmental documentaries and providing multi-faceted support to filmmakers. According to the International Documentary Association, there are about 440 grants in the nonfiction film funding landscape, and of that, only 8 awards exclusively support environmental stories. The Redford Center provides two of those grants.

  • Our 2022-23 Grantee Announcement

    Highlight narratives that honor ancestors, safeguard the present, and reimagine the future, The Redford Center’s latest Grantee cohort proves that every story is a climate story waiting to be told.

    Join us in celebrating The Redford Center’s 2022-23 Grantee cohort consisting of twelve film projects selected from a bi-annual open call that yielded 250 applicant projects from over 20 different countries featuring cross-cutting environmental and climate themes of justice, water, land, and food.

    Click here to view our full announcement and learn more about the films, filmmakers, and Redford Center grants advisors behind the latest climate justice stories and solutions.


  • Grant Advisors

    Grants Advisors — a group of environmental and nonprofit leaders and film industry luminaries who will serve as an integral resource to the grantee cohort. The Grants Advisors’ role includes supporting the development and refinement of story ideas, the production of influential impact and promotional campaigns, distribution strategies, and more.

  • Grantee Filmmakers

    The Redford Center has always served a remarkable stream of filmmakers who care deeply about the communities represented in their work, and the planet we all call home. We view these artists as translators: humanizing the issues we so urgently need to address, and giving voice to the frontline activists who are continually overlooked by the mainstream film and environmental sectors, and who are leading us out of the problem.

$1.3 million
47 films

To date, Redford Center Grants have supported nearly 50 projects and awarded more than $1.3 million in funding. Redford Center grantee films have received awards, premieres, and distribution from industry leaders including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, PBS, National Geographic, Sundance Film Festival, Jackson Wild, DC Environmental Film Festival, and many more.