Films That Move

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Join us to experience an exciting collaboration between the Redford Center, a leading US nonprofit dedicated to environmental impact filmmaking, and Imagine5, an international impact media foundation. Through this partnership, we are proud to present an enhanced Redford Center film offering, Films That Move – a free screening series that is packed with inspiring content to move you and your community into action.

Subscribers to The Redford Center’s newsletter can enjoy two virtual film screenings per month, each available for a week, featuring solutions-based environmental stories from grassroots activists, frontline communities, and talented filmmakers worldwide. Subscribers will also receive timely calls to action and exclusive invitations to in-person film screenings in the Bay Area, providing opportunities to network, connect with the community, and engage with filmmakers.

Featured Film
Meat The Future
  • Imagine a world where real meat is produced sustainably without the need to breed, raise and slaughter animals. This is no longer science fiction, it’s now within reach. At the forefront of this urgent frontier is Mayo Clinic trained cardiologist Dr. Uma Valeti, the co-founder and CEO of Upside Foods (previously Memphis Meats), the leading start-up of the “cultivated” meat revolution.

  • From the world’s first meatball which cost $18,000 per pound to the first chicken fillet and duck a l’orange for half the cost, the film follows Valeti and his team over five years as the cost of production plummets, and consumers’ eye the imminent birth of this timely industry. Exploring a game-changing solution, MEAT THE FUTURE is narrated by Jane Goodall and features music by Moby.

Available to Screen from 9/22/25 – 9/29/23 11:30 pm PT

Meet Our Sponsor: Imagine 5

Imagine5 tells powerful stories about sustainable initiatives through their website, social media and newsletter. By elevating the work of those working to make an impact, bringing awareness to environmental causes and sharing how we can come to action, Imagine5 inspires and empowers our community. Imagine5 partners with future-focused organizations working to make a positive impact on our planet and elevates them through storytelling, financial support and more, in order to accelerate the change they’re already making.