Advancing environmental solutions through the power of stories that move.

We’re an independent environmental nonprofit co-founded in 2005 by activists and filmmakers Robert Redford and James Redford.

The environment is our mission, and film is our medium.

The conversation about climate has changed. 8 in 10 Americans believe climate change is happening – the story of what comes next is in our hands. It’s time to equip our communities with the tools to transform public awareness into action. We need more voices demanding change and more stories about solutions we can implement now.

At The Redford Center, we believe that film is one of the most powerful tools to shift culture, build empathy, represent frontline communities, and move people into action for our environment. For more than 15 years, we’ve produced and supported 150 films and campaigns as one of the only US-based nonprofits solely dedicated to environmental impact filmmaking.

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“Our planet’s resources are limited, but there’s no limit to the human imagination and our capacity to solve bigger problems. And only by acting now and standing together can we begin to tip the scales and change the course of human history.”

Robert Redford

Co-founder, The Redford Center