Youth Stories

Celebrating students as visionary leaders of environmental impact storytelling

At The Redford Center we believe that youth storytellers offer insights, perspectives, questions, and solutions that continue to challenge our status quo and push the boundaries of possibility, inspiring us to think generously, dream bigger, and approach the climate crisis with urgency and hope.

Through our Youth Stories program, we’ve been able to provide nearly 400 educators with our free adaptable youth filmmaking curriculum, inspire over 800 youth filmmakers to find their voice, receive over 500 film submissions from students across the globe, and connect students with industry experts and advocacy leaders through our Meet the Moment events.

It’s time to hand the reins to our youth and encourage them to become the designers of their future. We must honor their efforts and support them as leaders.

Robert Redford
Although there will be no 2023 Stories Challenge, we encourage educators and youth to continue telling your stories. You can use our free Filmmaking Resource Guide for Educators and Curriculum Page as a guide to environmental storytelling and filmmaking. If you have a youth film you’d like to share with us, we’d love to see it at!

When we empower youth storytellers, we invest in a future that dares to take risks, explore the unknown, and demand environmental health and justice for all. Stay tuned for updates and future announcements about our youth initiatives. 

“We are growing up in a world we didn’t create, and we are unable to vote. So how do we fight for our environment?”


– Student Filmmaker