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Teaching Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution

Engaging students in understanding renewable energy (Source: The Redford Center)

Redford Center Youth Stories Curriculum

A flexible curriculum and resources to engage students with environmental storytelling (Source: The Redford Center)

Action Toolkit: Community Power for Clean Transportation

Mobilizing communities with clean transportation facts, tips, and resources from our Community Power series (Source: The Redford Center)

Filmmaking Tools for Educators

Basic softwares and tools to help bring the power of storytelling and filmmaking into the classroom (Source: The Redford Center)

Good Energy Playbook

An open-source digital guide to portraying climate change on-screen (Source: Good Energy)

PSA: Vote for Your Mother Earth

Everyone can help redefine what it means to be an environmentalist and a voter when we come together and take action for the earth (Source: The Redford Center)

Documentary Grants Directory

A free documentary grants and fellowship directory (Source: International Documentary Association)

Meet the Moment: (Re)Imagining the Future

A showcase of films and projects on innovative environmental solutions (Source: The Redford Center)

Spotlight on Impact Storytelling

Mapping and recommendations for the narrative and cultural strategies ecosystem (Source: Liz Manne Strategy)

The Impact Field Guide and Toolkit: Why Shorts?

A tailored guide for making and moving shorts for impact (Source: Doc Society)

The Impact: Field Guide and Toolkit

An open source impact resource being used by over 55,000 filmmakers around the world (Source: Doc Society)

Green Production Guide

The premier industry online toolkit designed to reduce the film, television, and streaming industry’s carbon footprint and environmental impact (Source: PGA Green)