Redford Center Productions

Creating films for impact

Since 2005, The Redford Center has produced three award-winning feature documentaries and more than 40 short films. Redford Center films and impact campaigns have halted the construction of dirty coal plants, restored the Colorado River Delta, reconnected people to nature, and helped accelerate the clean energy revolution and clean transportation solutions in communities across America. Contact us to request screenings and campaign resources.

“Our planet’s resources are limited, but there’s no limit to the human imagination and our capacity to solve bigger problems. And only by acting now and standing together can we begin to tip the scales and change the course of human history.”

Robert Redford, Co-Founder

“What you really want to do is just tell a damn fine story. Tell the best story that you can. Tell it honestly, with clarity and focus… Let your heart make some decisions in terms of what it means to be human, and stick with that.”

James Redford