Climate Storytelling

Shifting mainstreaming narratives and helping everyday audiences engage in climate solutions

The conversation about climate has changed. 8 in 10 Americans believe climate change is happening and audiences want stories that envision a hopeful future. Films are essential for countering misinformation, deepening understanding, and inspiring courage to embrace solutions at the scale needed.

As a leading industry influencing public opinion and culture, our community must come together to help close the gap between awareness and action. In the years to come, the narratives we see on screen will play an essential role in the environmental movement.

“If you’re looking to create and imagine inspiring stories about the climate emergency, look to those people who are already acting to solve this. These real people and their stories have so much to teach us all about how to stand up and find courage.”

Jill Tidman & Heather Fipps

From the Good Energy Playbook Essay “Based On A True Story: Documentaries As Story Fodder”