Su Rynard


Su Rynard is a Canadian filmmaker whose films have garnered awards and screened around the globe. Her work is inspired by science, ecology and the human relationship with the natural world, and characterized by a personal vision and unique film language. Recent films include; the Hot Docs Top Ten feature documentary THE MESSENGER (2015) a film that contemplates our deep-seated connection to birds and warns of how their fate is linked to our own, KARDIA (2005) awarded the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize, Kardia is a drama about a woman who discovers that a heart operation has mysteriously linked her life with another. Recent television documentaries include REEF RESCUE (2021) produced by MMP/FA5/Vulcan is currently available through ARTE France/Germany, CBC and PBS and NOVA, and MOSQUITO (2017) produced by Yap Films for Discovery US, featuring Bill Gates and narrated by Jeremy Renner. Rynard is currently developing a feature documentary SEEING GREEN, the story of three scientific renegades; a botanist, a forester, and a philosopher who listen and learn from plants. She is also working on a short art film THE PEA’S DREAM (forthcoming 2023). Rynard is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and was aDirector resident at the Canadian Film Centre. She lives and works in Toronto.