Lisa Holmes


Lisa Holmes is President of The Martha and Hunter Grubb Foundation, a founding member of FORA (Funders of Regenerative Agriculture). She brings her years of experience in bringing together organizations from multiple sectors (agriculture, community-based/grassroots NGOs, economic investment and philanthropy) and leveraging their respective capacities to create infrastructure and programmatic initiatives that promote local food access and justice.

Lisa has worked with grassroots and community efforts to transform the local food system in Connecticut for over a decade, including chairing the board of CitySeed. Lisa is currently serving on the boards of both Rachel’s Network and the Pleiades Network, working on equal representation of women in all levels of leadership influencing positive progress toward sustainability.

She is Executive Producer of the documentary Fork in the Road, which was awarded a Redford Center grant and is about mitigating climate change through our culinary choices. She was also an Associate Producer of Food Chains, the James Beard Foundation award-winning documentary. Lisa is also a founding board member of Zero Foodprint, and serves on the national board of NatureBridge, which provides children with science-based environmental education in several national park locations.