Linda Samarah

Communications Officer

Linda Samarah is the Communications Officer at The Redford Center. Using her role as an artist, activist, storyteller, and communications professional, Linda is passionate about connecting the global to the local and the public to the personal.

Linda served as the Communications Manager for ACCESS—the nation’s largest Arab American community nonprofit—where she led the agency’s communications strategy, amplifying her community’s voice, cementing their sense of pride and connection to their identity, and advocating for their physical, mental, social, political, economic, and cultural well-being.

Authentic and intersectional diversity, equity, and inclusion is the driving force behind Linda’s work. She served on the University of Michigan-Flint and ACCESS’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committees and worked as a DEI Facilitator, leading race and gender dialogues with students. She is a proud W.K. Kellogg Community Leadership Network Class Two Fellow alumni, working with her national cohort to advance racial justice and healing. From the roots planted in her home of Flint, Michigan, to the newly planted seeds of her second home in San Francisco, California, Linda is committed to protecting and preserving every inch of our planet.