Redford Center Advisors

Justin “Hoost” Wilkenfeld


As just the 4th employee at GoPro in 2007, Justin spent the last 10 years developing early grassroots sports and lifestyle marketing initiatives which evolved into high-profile sponsorships and brand partnerships. Strategic partnerships largely focused around media production, social media and content distribution were fundamental to the viral success of GoPro. In the last couple years, Justin’s focus shifted to brand integrity and GoPro for a Cause, a project that supported media productions and content distribution for non-profit organizations around the globe with goals of raising awareness and critical funding through engaging, meaningful short stories. Prior to GoPro, Justin spent 7 years at TD Ameritrade in various roles, developing a strong understanding of business management. With a diverse professional and personal background, Justin is currently developing a new start-up venture while providing strategic marketing consulting and advisory services with partners that share a mutual goal of furthering positive social and environmental impact. Justin is CEO at kind humans, llc, and a Strategic Partner for Passion Projects Media.