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Julianne Sato-Parker


Julianne Sato-Parker is a documentary film director and producer based on the US west coast. Two feature documentaries she’s directed/produced include: “Solving for Zero” (Gates Venture/Wondrium) and Big Dreams in Umatilla (OPB). Her work also includes many documentary shorts for places like TIME Magazine, NBC, TED, and various nonprofits. She received her MFA in creative nonfiction writing from the University of Pittsburgh, and has spent the last three years reporting for and writing a book about the Chinook Indian Nation’s fight for federal recognition.

Julianne’s storytelling proclivities were shaped by a background in journalism and a lifelong commitment to spend time in wild spaces. Her adventures formed a simple belief: humans protect what they love and the best way to love something is to experience it. Giving people the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of this wild, spectacular, and complicated world is what she strives to do in her work.