Heather Fipps

Senior Program Director

Heather Fipps is the Senior Program Director at The Redford Center. She has multifaceted experience in film production, educational program leadership, multimedia design, and event directing. She is passionate about leveraging the power of storytelling and imagination to inspire critical thinking and drive conscious impact.

She is also a Co-Founder of the Hollywood Climate Summit. Before joining the Redford Center, Heather was a Professor of Television, Film, and Theatre specializing in Media and Social Impact at Cal State Los Angeles. As the Founder of Community Impact Media, a documentary training program that partners filmmakers with community-led campaigns, she’s produced over 30 short documentaries showcasing the work of grassroots initiatives and frontline organizations.

As a filmmaker, she has produced content for clients such as the LA Children’s Court, California Air Emissions Board, New Jersey State Department of Health, and social cooperatives in the Italian and United States prison systems. Notably, she directed and edited the documentary Process Collettivo, which followed the process of artist Mark Bradford at the Venice Biennale which was recognized by the Global Campus of Human Rights. Heather is often found hiking or camping with her family, her dog, and a camera in hand.