IIt’s time to be active. Now more than ever the world needs all of us pitching in. Find your passion and get involved. It doesn't mean you have to change your life, but chances are you will change someone else's.


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Engage with the Colorado River

It is the dawn of a new water reality and the solution involves every one of us starting immediately addressing water waste. It’s just that simple.  Together, we can create a new water ethic and help restore the mighty Colorado River and its connection to the Gulf of California.

1. Combat water waste. Make a personal water conservation pledge of 5% as a symbol of the small amount of the rivers' flow required to reconnect the river to its natural end.

  • Take shorter showers
  • Fix leaky water fixtures
  • Have Meatless Mondays
  • Harvest the rain
  • Try xeriscaping and permaculture
  • Buy local, organic and dry grown food
  • Install low flow appliances
  • Know your water footprint

2. Bring life back to the Colorado River Delta. Commit the first $10 you will save on your water bill to the Colorado River Delta Water Trust to help purchase the water rights necessary to restore the Delta corridor. Text the word DELTA to 52000 to make a $10 donation to the Water Trust today.

3. Build more awareness; it’s the first step to action. Host a WATERSHED screening and we’ll gift you a DVD.

4. Donate to Raise The River. A coalition effort to raise awareness, money and, ultimately, the water level of the river. The Delta is the most broken reach of the Colorado. If we can fix the Delta, we can demonstrate that no place is beyond hope. You can help us reach our goal of raising $10 million by 2017. Join us in rewriting history. Every dollar counts. WE'RE 75% OF THE WAY TOWARD REACHING OUR $10MM GOAL, HELP US CROSS THE FINISH LINE .


We need to move away from inefficient, conventional energy sources and towards a sustainable future. By spreading the word about the detrimental affects of coal-fired power plants and other unsustainable fossil-fuel based power sources, we can create an energy platform that keeps our local economies, public health, and environment at the fore.

1. Be mindful of energy usage. Make a pledge to reduce your total energy use to signify your commitment to a sustainable energy future.

  • Replace old light bulbs with energy efficient CFL bulbs
  • Buy ENERGY STAR energy-efficient appliances and unplug them when not in use
  • Insulate your house to conserve heat, and caulk windows and doors wherever air leaks in or out
  • Take shorter showers to reduce the energy expended heating your water
  • Only run your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer when you have a full load
  • Buy solar or wind power credits to send a message that you support clean energy

2. Agitate against coal and dirty energy plants. Check out this map from the Sierra Club to learn about the remaining active coal plants in the United States. The Fighting Goliath website also has a list of resources to support citizens working to fight proposals for new plants - add your voice!

3. Build more awareness. Talk to the people around you about the myriad effects of coal plants on the environment and public health, or buy the Fighting Goliath DVD and host a screening.

Engage with the ART OF ACTIVISM

Change needs to be visible in many places to take root, but none is as important as the local change, at the community level. To truly make a difference in people’s lives there must be programs they can see and interact with, programs that speak their language. By listening to each other and drawing ideas from every source imaginable, these programs have the potential to change our communities for the better.

1. Learn about what your community needs. Research the causes important to your community and volunteer or donate to the organizations that speak to you. These places need support and you have a talent that they can use.

2. Can’t find a cause that’s meaningful to you? Start your own project. The National Council of Non-profits has resources to help projects get off the ground. If you get discouraged, re-watch some Art of Activism videos - you’ll notice that those change makers are just like you.

3. Build awareness of issues important to you. Talk to your friends and family about the issues that matter to you, and ask what matters to them. See what you can do together to make a difference in the causes you believe in. Engagement is contagious - people like making a difference.