IThe Redford Center is committed to transforming social and environmental issues into films that inspire positive change.


We engage where there's a pressing need for awareness and hope, and where public engagement and good timing can make all the difference. We approach each project as an opportunity to learn and to listen. Then we find the storylines and the storytellers that will help change the game. We design engagement campaigns for the films we produce so that awareness can truly be the spark that moves people to act.  

We begin our endeavors by convening groups at the Sundance Mountain Resort, where the environment offers us perspective as well as solutions from the synergies of art, industry, and the natural world. In every step of our process we rely on collaboration—with artists, activists, philanthropists, change agents—and at the end of it, our hope is that we empower masses of people to take part in doing something important, and greater than us all. 

Founded in 2005 by Robert Redford and his children, the Redford Center is led by filmmaker and Chairman of the Board James Redford. Under James’ leadership, the Redford Center works to harness the power of film, video and new media to inspire public engagement, support like-minded community efforts by distributing story-telling tools, and creatively develop education platforms and action campaigns to inspire progress on the issue at hand.


Our work includes the Art of ActivismFighting GoliathWATERSHED: A New Water Ethic for the New WestRaise the River, and the Clean Energy Innovation Project.